Man Charged for Dropping Kid Off at School with .233 BAC

A Florida man is being accused of driving under the influence of alcohol and running his vehicle into other cars while dropping a child off at school. 

When police questioned the man, Christopher Beauchemin, cops say he took a breathalyzer test and blew a 0.233 blood alcohol level, nearly three times the legal limit in Florida.

Multiple witnesses called 911 after one was nearly hit in a head-on collision and was forced to drive off the road.

Naturally, Reddit took the news story and had a field day based on the man's appearance and accusations against him:

  • "Who cared what his BAC was when he can obviously focus on two things at once."
  • "He can look both ways WHILE crossing the street."
  • "Dude has one eye on the road and one looking at Canada."
  • "One on the present. One on the future. Apparently things are looking up."
  • "Motherf**ker looks like he's about to get his buddy's arm chopped off in Mos Eisley."

Source: News 6 Orlando

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