Here Are the Most Popular Super Bowl Recipes in Each State

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According to Google’s data, football fans are scouring the web for way more than chicken wings and dip for Super Bowl Sunday!

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Scroll down to see which dish was searched for most in your state—and get a recipe to make it at home.

Alabama: Chicken

Alaska: Dill Pickle Dip with Dried Beef

Arizona: Green Chicken Enchilada

Arkansas: Five Bean Chili

California: Fried Rice

Colorado: Baked Chicken Wings

Connecticut: Buffalo Chicken Dip

Delaware: Stuffed Peppers

District of Columbia: Pizza Bites

Florida: Shrimp

Georgia: Ham Bologna Turkey Sub

Hawaii: Nacho

Idaho: Potato

Illinois: Philly cheesesteak

Indiana: Chicken

Iowa: Stromboli

Kansas: Calzone

Kentucky: Fondue

Louisiana: Pork Tenderloin

Maine: Chicken Wing

Maryland: Chili

Massachusetts: Chili

Michigan: Chili

Minnesota: Chili

Mississippi: Green Beans with Beef Broth

Missouri: Chili

Montana: Bacon Shrimp

Nebraska: Cream Cheese Jalapeño Hamburger

Nevada: Potato

New Hampshire: Chicken Wing

New Jersey: Buffalo Chicken Dip

New Mexico: Ranch Spinach Dip

New York: Chili

North Carolina: Jalapeño Poppers

North Dakota: Pizza Sauce

Ohio: Philly Cheesesteak

Oklahoma: French Onion Cream Dip

Oregon: Clam Chowder

Pennsylvania: Chili

Rhode Island: Baked Ziti

South Carolina: Crab Dip

South Dakota: Marinara Sauce

Tennessee: Jalapeño Poppers

Texas: Chili

Utah: Jalapeño Poppers

Vermont: Chicken Breast Tender

Virginia: Buffalo Chicken Dip

Washington: Jalapeño Popper

West Virginia: Pork Carnitas Tacos

Wisconsin: Chili

Wyoming: Ground Beef

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