Marilyn Manson's Pants Fall Down But He Makes Up For It

When you’re Marilyn Manson, you have people to put your pants on for you. During a recent show in Las Vegas, Marilyn Manson’s pants fell down onstage, and he waited for a roadie to fix them.

Manson is still recovering from a broken leg after a giant stage prop collapsed on the musician in New York City last year. Though he’s still in a cast and brace, Manson is pretty mobile onstage, but the simple bend-over seems tricky for him. During “The Beautiful People,” a fan caught the moment Manson’s pants fell on camera.

Later in the song, he made up for it by inviting a female fan onstage to dance TOPLESS. 

WARNING you may see boobs so hope you aren't offended by nakedness.


Women Are Really Getting Into the “Daddy” Fetish
Women Are Really Getting Into the “Daddy” Fetish
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