Marilyn Manson's Pants Fall Down But He Makes Up For It

When you’re Marilyn Manson, you have people to put your pants on for you. During a recent show in Las Vegas, Marilyn Manson’s pants fell down onstage, and he waited for a roadie to fix them.

Manson is still recovering from a broken leg after a giant stage prop collapsed on the musician in New York City last year. Though he’s still in a cast and brace, Manson is pretty mobile onstage, but the simple bend-over seems tricky for him. During “The Beautiful People,” a fan caught the moment Manson’s pants fell on camera.

Later in the song, he made up for it by inviting a female fan onstage to dance TOPLESS. 

WARNING you may see boobs so hope you aren't offended by nakedness.

Women Are Really Getting Into the “Daddy” Fetish - Thumbnail Image

Women Are Really Getting Into the “Daddy” Fetish

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