DC101 Plug In 1/2/18

Do you believe in this method: some women claim that eating McDonald's fries after sex will up their chances of getting pregnant.

The Caps are starting the New Year tonight against the Hurricanes with a 7pm puck drop.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi has made over $1 billion in only 3 and a half weeks in theaters.

A parade is coming on January 6th for the Cleveland Browns' perfect 0-16 season.

The World Health Organization is going to recognize video game addiction as a mental health addiction.

To celebrate legal weed in California, Jack In The Box is offering a Munchie Meal for $4.20.

Hanson Fitness in NYC will start offering naked workout classes and personal training sessions.

One person's bad gift is another's treasure as January is the best month to find random items for sale online.


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