DC101 Plug In 12/20/17

'Tis the season...for a huge brawl at a mall in Florida.

An attorney is in trouble for trying to make porn movies with inmates, his "Girls In Jail" project.

Thieves in West Bend, Wisconsin, took Baby Jesus from the town's Nativity. The body and arm have been found but the head is still missing.

A woman in England has been eating spoonfuls of her mother's ashes to cope with her death, now she wants to finish her for Christmas dinner.

Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren look great as they're getting ready to film Creed 2.

Capitals beat the Stars 4-3 in OT, Wizards defeated the Pelicans 116-106.

A brand new, £3.1 billion British aircraft carrier has a massive water leak that's going to cost a fortune to repair.

Allow for extra time if you're traveling out of Dulles because 200 airport workers are going on strike.


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