DC101 Plug In 12/18/17

Fake video game boxes to trick kids at Christmas? Not cool...

A new album won't come until late 2018 for Muse BUT a new song is coming early in the New Year.

"Can you tell me what that smell is in my car?" "Yes ma'am, it's a dead mouse and maggots."

The Caps made it 3 in a row with an OT win against the Ducks on Saturday night. Tomorrow they are in Dallas against the Stars at 8:30.

A kid drained his family's bank account by purchasing bonus points in FIFA 18.

Redskins beat the Cardinals 20-15, next up is Christmas Eve at home against the Broncos.

Star Wars porn searches have increased with the release of The Last Jedi.

In a study that completely surprises nobody, the majority of women prefer men who are strong and muscular.


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