Mike Jones Talks To SOJA's Jacob Hemphill

It's always a good time talking to our pal Jacob Hemphill! SOJA is getting ready to play their first show at The Anthem on December 29th, their DC album release party for the new record Poetry In Motion. We talked about playing the hometown show, working with Feed It Forward DC, SOJA's message of looking out for each other, focusing more on our real lives than our online live and an update on his golf game. 

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Jacob Hemphill!


(photo: Andy Jones)


Thank you, Jacob! SOJA's show on December 29th at The Anthem will be good times all around. If you want to get the hookup on tickets from DC101, you can win them here.

Also, here's what Jacob and I were talking about with Feed It Forward DC. They're a great organization that's all about helping people in our community. You can find out more about them by clicking here.



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