DC101 Plug In 11/13/17


NYC Transport Replaces ‘Ladies And Gentlemen’ With Gender-Neutral Announcements

As NFL Civil War Brews, We Must Ask: Who Should Fans Root For?

D.C. Addressing Growing Rat Problem

Someone took over a radio frequency in North Korea and “The Final Countdown” is the only thing playing.

A streaker ran the entire football field before being taken down by security at yesterday's Buffalo Bills game.

Thousands of bees made so much honey in the attic of a home in Nebraska that it was dripping down the walls.

Sunday afternoon at home wasn't good for the Redskins as they fell 38-30 to the Vikings.

A very drunk George Lopez was removed from the stage during a Q&A on the KISS Kruise.

I wish Shaq was my dad... He spent about $1 million on his daughter's Sweet 16 party!

Wallethub released their list of the "fattest states in America" and we're not doing too bad here in the DMV.

Ford is developing the SafeCap, a hat that alerts truckers if they're falling asleep on the road.


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