DC101 Plug In 11/8/17

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Montgomery County Preparing for Snowfall

Red light cams collecting millions: Here are hot spots

Because why wouldn’t you want to buy a mini-keg of Hidden Valley Ranch.

The HUMP! Film Festival is coming to New Orleans from Thursday to Saturday, highlighting the best in amateur pornography.

A new restaurant opened in Paris, O'naturel, where customers dine naked.

The winning streak ends at 3 as the Capitals lost 3-1 to the Sabres. Next up are the idiot Penguins on Friday night at home.

Snapchat is going through a major overhaul to make it more user friendly.

In a display of complete dumbassery, a thief in England had an ankle monitor attached to his prosthetic leg.

Forbes put out their list of the highest paid tv hosts. Dr. Phil is #1, having made $79 million last year.

12 packs of PBR are for drinking, not for hitting bouncers at nightclubs...


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