DC101 Plug In 11/6/17

Redskins beat the Seahawks 17-14, next Sunday they play the Vikings at FedEx Field.

Will Leonardo DiCaprio be in Quentin Tarantino’s next movie?

Chrissy Teigen left a $1000 tip for a server at Outback.

Capitals defeated the Bruins on Saturday 3-2, host the Coyotes tonight at Capital One Arena.

Spice up the holidays with the Sex Toy Advent Calendar.

Justin Verlander had a good reason for missing the Astros' parade: he was marrying Kate Upton in Italy.

Plastic surgeons are saying there's a big increase in lip work for men so their mouths can look like celebrities.

Weed users have 20% more sex than people who don't partake.


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