DC101 Plug In 11/3/17


Baltimore starts program to eliminate rats in public housing

Students Find Substitute Teacher Passed Out, Drunk at Virginia School: Police

Sears and K-Mart have put EVERYTHING in their stores on sale now through Thanksgiving to get the jump on Black Friday sales.

A student in Connecticut was arrested for rubbing a used tampon on her roommate's backpack.

Obama hates taking selfies.

You could spend the night in a house made entirely of Legos in Denmark.

Richard Branson will launch Virgin Voyages in 2020 and the first ship will be adults only, no kids.

Canadian Corey Bellemore broke the world beer mile record, running 4 laps and chugging a beer before each one.

The Redskins are looking to get back on track against the Seahawks on Sunday at 4pm.

After robbing a hot dog stand, a Chicago man shot himself in the penis.


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