DC101 Plug In 10/23/17


No Charges for Student Accused of Snapchat Gun Threat at Greenbelt High School

World Series 2017: Triple-digit heat in LA

Dig In: Maryland Gives First Approval For Hyperloop Tunnel

Monday Night Football has the Redskins taking on the Eagles in Philly.

A truck carrying 40,000 pounds of French fries overturned in Minnesota. Why do we always lose the good food?

A school in Massachusettes has cancelled Halloween and will instead have "Black and Orange" Spirit Day.

A Pennsylvania woman trespassed at a Wal-Mart that she's banned from because "the cake was too good to stay away."

First class passengers pay flight attendants for sex and other tales of scandal in the friendly skies. (This article is a good read.)

The World Series is set with the Dodgers facing the Astros beginning tomorrow night.

Balloons are hovering over Puerto Rico to bring the internet to people on the island.

The Scumbag of the Year Award goes to the guy who was selling heroin at the hospital's maternity ward.


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