DC101 Plug In 10/17/17

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Rats! DC Is Nation’s 5th Rattiest City, Company Says

Thief Steals Thousands of Dollars in Quarters from Coin-Operated Vacuum Cleaners

Own a piece of Nirvana history as you can buy Kurt Cobain’s Blockbuster video rental card.

Somebody thought the "Kid's Anne Frank" costume was a good idea for Halloween.

Yankees beat Astros 8-1 in ALCS Game 3, Game 4 is today at 5pm and Game 3 of the NLCS has Dodgers vs. Cubs in Chicago at 9pm.

Netflix plans on spending $8B on content in 2018.

Despite "risk to life" warnings about Hurricane Ophelia, one dumbass in Ireland went rollerblading during the storm.

Drivers in the UK who kill someone while distracted by their phones could face life in prison.

Scientists are working on a program to regulate air temperatures in offices so everyone is happy.

Microsoft built treehouses for employees to work in a more natural setting.


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