DC101 Plug In 10/16/17


Liquor Store May Lose License After Owner Handcuffs Customer

After stealing $7k in merchandise from Victoria's Secret, two women lead police on a high speed chase.

Airbnb is opening up their own apartment building in Florida.

Because the language "makes people uncomfortable", the Biloxi School District in Mississippi has removed To Kill A Mockingbird from the list of required reading.

Hot sauce + coffee = the Buffalo-flavored latte is a real drink that Tim Horton's is selling in Buffalo.

A Rick and Morty fan / dumbass traded A CAR for one pack of McDonald's Szechuan Sauce.

Redskins are now 3-2 with a 26-24 win over the 49ers.

A Florida woman went to jail for throwing nacho cheese and a sandwich at a 7-11 clerk.

California becomes the first state to require pet store sell only rescue animals.


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