DC101 Plug In 10/11/17

A Cowboys fan lit a jersey on fire, that he was still wearing, after losing a bet. He's in the hospital. Cowboys fan.

Be careful if you're a Pornhub visitor, as a new virus called Kovter is infecting computers that go to the site.

Today at 4 it's Game 4 for Nationals and Cubs, take 2.

A group of security officials aim to make the 2020 Presidential election "unhackable".

Before you try on a wig at the Halloween store, know that this is always the worst time of year for head lice.

A food bank in England received a donation of a 47 year old can of soup.

The third Bill and Ted movie has a title: Bill and Ted Face The Music.

Northern Michigan University is offering a degree in Medicinal Plant Chemistry, to prepare students for work in the marijuana industry.


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