DC101 Plug In 10/9/17


Man Clings to Moving School Bus, Yells at Driver: Police

Cubs Beat Nationals, 2-1, Take Lead in Division Series

Booze filled Christmas ornaments are the perfect way to help tolerate your family this holiday season.

The world is ending on October 15th. For real this time.

Dentists are warning against eating hard caramel or fudge popcorn, as it's causing more and more teeth to break.

4 MLB Postseason games today: Astros / Red Sox at 1, Nats / Cubs at 4, Indians / Yankees at 7 and Dodgers / Diamondbacks at 10.

The Philadelphia mural of a raccoon eating a pretzel is pretty spectacular.

Spend your vacation drinking, doing drugs and having unlimited sex with prostitutes off of the coast of Colombia on Sex Island.

Nintendo is shutting down a Japanese tour company's go-cart tours because it's been using a Mario Kart theme without permission.

The new trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, will debut tonight during Monday Night Football and movie tickets will go on sale immediately after.


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