DC101 Plug In 10/4/17


José Andrés Is Organizing Chefs, Cooking Free Meals Across Puerto Rico

University of Maryland Gets $220M Gift for More Scholarships

If you love fishing and hot ladies, there’s a new 2018 calendar that you’re going to love.

Because this is 2017, adding "pumpkin spice" to your dating profile can get more people clicking on it.

Why did a Russian dentist pull out his own wisdom tooth and record it? Your guess is as good as mine...

Andy Hurley from Fall Out Boy just opened up Oracle Coffee Company in Portland.

An editorial in the NY Post said adults need to stop dressing up for Halloween. I say you can suck it.

WHAT!!! Applebee's is offering $1 margaritas this month.

A douche in England set up a tv and his PS4 at McDonald's so he could use the free wi-fi.

Whoops! Instead of the yoga mat she ordered, a woman in South Carolina opened a box to find $400K worth of oxycodone pills.


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