DC101 Plug In 9/26/17

Send your love to Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day, his dog Rocky passed away.

Bon Jovi just bought a new place in NYC for $18M. Spoiler: it’s ridiculous.

A pilot in Texas will take his daughter to school in a helicopter a few days a week.

A tv court show was swindled by two guys who pretended to be in a lawsuit.

California, Texas and New York are the states where people are most interested in having a threesome.

Russian police have arrested a "cannibal couple" that have eaten 30 people over the last 18 years.

125 random cars participated in a chain of “pay-it-forward” at a Missouri McDonald’s.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream will give out free scoops at their new 14th St. location from 7-11pm on October 5th.


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