DC101 Plug In 9/13/17


Cassini's swan song: 13-year Saturn mission ends Friday

Brock Turner Is Now Literally The Textbook Definition Of 'Rape'

Meet a Couple Marrying Between Pro-Trump and Juggalo Rallies

Second Phase of Silver Line More Than 60% Complete

Your drinking skills pale in comparison to the guy who drank 7 beers in 10 seconds.

Gene Simmons is selling a collection of his music from 1966 – 2016 called The Vault. It ain't cheap...

Nintendo is making promises about large supplies of the SNES Mini and the return of the NES Mini in 2018.

K-Mart is eliminating “plus-sized” and going with “Fabulously Sized”.

Always propose on dry land! While down on one knee, a guy dropped the engagement ring into the water. Whoopsie!

Of course someone is already in line for a new iPhone X…

DC could be the potential new home of Amazon’s second headquarters.

Uno, wiffle ball, Pez dispensers, Transformers and more have been named as finalists for the Toy Hall of Fame Class of 2017.


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