DC101 Plug In 9/11/17


Metrobus driver caught reading paper on job, rider says

Endangered Tiger Cub Leaves National Zoo After Mother Rejects Him

Fairfax County Man Finds Intruder Eating His Pizza

Congratulations to the NL East Champions, the Washington Nationals!

The Red Cross and UPS are working together to use drones in emergency situations.

I’ve gotta get to a Bills game! There was an airplane cockpit destroyed, a wedding and live oral sex!

Koi Division is a fish-themed Joy Division cover band that sings the praises of ocean life.

Congratulations to Rag n Bone Man on the birth of his son Reuben.

A guy buried vodka in the ground 3 weeks before the Electric Zoo Festival so he and his friends could have drinks.

It opens with the largest September weekend ever at the box office and had the best horror opening weekend of all time.

A corn maze in the shape of Princess Leia is now open in Evansville, Indiana.

Chili's is cutting its menu by 40% starting next week. 

DC101 Thirstday is Thursday at Solace Brewing Company in Sterling.


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