DC101 Plug In 8/15/17

Well hung "super-fleas" are set to invade England in the next few weeks.

Wifi signals could be up to 100x faster with new research using terahertz waves.

Tragedy on the set of Deadpool 2 after a motorcycle stunt killed the female rider.

The NBA released the full 2017 / 2018 schedule.

Ric Flair’s surgery was a success and the Nature Boy is recovering in the hospital. WOOOOO!

If you use emojis in work emails, you look incompetent you your coworkers.

After seeing him marching in the white nationalist / Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Pearce Tefft publicly disowned his son Pete.

A line of insect-based foods will go on sale starting next week at grocery stores in Switzerland.


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