Mike Jones And Chad Calek Discuss SIR NOFACE

Do you believe in ghosts? Are spirits living in the world with us? There is hard proof of their existence, according to Chad Calek.

Chad has spent years working on films and television shows about ghosts, like Paranormal State, American Ghost Hunter and The Ghost Prophecies. His latest project is called SIR NOFACE, a look at ghosts on Cockatoo Island in Australia. This was an officially sanctioned paranormal exploration by the Australian government and the documentary has proof that ghosts are real! 

Chad will have a screening of SIR NOFACE and a Q&A session this Sunday night, August 13th, at The Birchmere. You can click here for tickets to the show, it's going to be a good time! 

He told me about what the film actually does show, that Hollywood experts have backed up his footage, how it was to work with the Australian goverment on this and why other countries aren't supporting paranormal explorations. It was a fun interview which you can hear below.  

Mike Jones and Chad Calek Discuss SIR NOFACE


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