DC101 Plug In 8/10/17


Planned downtown strip club nixed over legal violation

3 smelly corpse flowers to bloom at US Botanic Gardens

Man claims to have spotted Bigfoot in North Carolina

Applebee’s to Shutter More Than 100 Restaurants

Metallica wants to reissue Master of Puppets soon.

Could eSports be a part of the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024?

Maya Rudolph is starring in A Christmas Story musical on FOX.

A Cheetos pop up restaurant is opening next weekend in NYC.

Springsteen On Broadway is coming in October.

If you want to sleep in Donald Trump’s childhood home, you can rent the house in Queens through AirBNB.

This should be interesting. Stephen Colbert announced that Anthony Scaramucci will be on his show on Monday.

After a one night stand, most Americans choose pizza as a post-sexytime snack.


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