DC101 Plug In 8/9/17


Officials warn against drinking Moscow mules from copper mugs

Neighborhood fights to keep quiet streets quiet                  

Dozens of Drivers Stuck With Tar on Cars After VDOT Mishap

Teen Arrested After Police Find Multiple Upskirting Photos

Verizon Center Changes Name to Capital One Arena

A man tried to deposit a fake $1 million bill at a bank in Iowa. He then was arrested for the meth in his pocket.

WalletHub says DC is the 10th happiest place in the country to live.

What can happen to your body when you don’t have enough sex?

If you're a video game master, get in on the Nintendo World Championships 2017.

Holy America! There’s a beer with fried chicken in it!

Dale Earnhardt, Jr., left his truck running all day at the airport while he was hanging out at Redskins training camp.

Whoops. During the BBC’s 10 o’clock news broadcast, a computer screen in the background showed a naked woman.

A burglar got caught because he didn’t flush the toilet and left plenty of DNA for the police to trace.


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