Queens of the Stone Age Say "Guitars Are Going Extinct"

Queens of the Stone Age members Jon Theodore and Michael Shuman recently revealed in an interview that the band feels almost out of place in the world of rock these days. Not based on the sound of Queens, but by the instruments they play.

The two were asked by The Spinoff, "Are you guys aware of what's going on in the music world around you? There really aren't that many bands of the same ilk, I mean Foo Fighters have a record coming out, Royal Blood have just released a record but there isn't a lot of good hard rock in general."

To which, Theodore responds,

It's like guitars are going extinct in a lot of ways. Now it's punk to learn upright bass or classical guitar... it's a new world right now, and sometimes I feel like a dinosaur but most of the time I'm just grateful that we got started before this transition started – I mean we're still firmly rooted in the world of guitar.

The band's new record, Villains, is due out August 25th.

Read the full interview on The Spinoff.

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