DC101 Plug In 8/8/17


Distress call leads Coast Guard to 1,200 pounds of marijuana at sea

Disney Pulling Movies From Netflix To Start Its Own Streaming Service

Millions of bats form tornado in the sky                      

Beltway Speed Cameras Begin Ticketing

Dueling Jackpots: Mega Millions, Powerball at More Than $300M

ESPN 8: The Ocho is on ESPNU today!

Airplanes without pilots could come by 2025. The problem is that people don’t want to fly in them.

The HBO hackers have released a full month’s worth of the CEO’s emails to prove that they got in. Now they want to get paid.

Wet Hot American Summer: The Comic Book is coming.

A biker gang took 11 y/o Phil Mick to his first day of school in Indiana so bullies would know not to mess with him.

A 3D version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller video is coming to the Venice Film Festival.

Stop using Facebook and Twitter so much. Excessive social media use is making people paranoid.

You could be the owner of nightmares! Nevada’s Clown Motel is up for sale.


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