DC101 Plug In 8/7/17


Man With White House Stay Away Order Accused of Stealing From Congressman's Desk

Stolen DC dog has been found

New Beltway Speed Cameras Start Monday            

For Sale: Chesapeake Island, Complete with Goat Herd

Lollapalooza is the most popular festival to have sex at.

A new ‘Karate Kid’ comedy series called ‘Cobra Kai’ is coming to Youtube Red in 2018.

Nationals took 2/3 from the Cubs and the Orioles split their 4 game series with the Tigers.

Comedy Central pulled the plug on @Midnight, airing the final episode on Friday.

Pharma-bro Martin Shkreli has been found guilty on 3 counts of securities fraud and could be going to jail for a long time.

A vegan restaurant in Australia is charging an 18% “man tax” to reflect inequality in pay between genders.

Women who regularly watch porn are being left unsatisfied by men who don’t live up to their XXXpectations.

A massive swarm of bees delayed the Matchbox 20 / Counting Crows concert in Arizona.

Dunkin Donuts might be dropping "Donuts" from their name.

REMINDER: Tomorrow ESPNU will be ESPN8.

 Anna Faris and Chris Pratt have broken up.

DC101 Thirstday is this Thursday at Vanish Farm Brewery in Lucketts, VA.


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