DC101 Plug In 8/4/17

Liam Gallagher left the Lollapalooza stage after 20 minutes because of vocal issues.

Raiders fans aren’t happy about them giving out a “LOYALTY” pin this year considering they’re leaving Oakland soon.

10-20 minutes seems to be the optimal time for sex, according to women.

This Tuesday on 8/8, ESPNU is becoming ESPN The Ocho!

Fall Out Boy has decided to postpone their MANIA album until 2018.

Before Star Wars Land officially launches at Disney theme parks, they’re launching a Star Wars virtual reality experience later this year.

Queen Elizabeth likes to have a few drinks every day, including champagne before bed.

Guys, don’t do it, don't use Jiftip! It's like using superglue on your urethra. DON'T!


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