DC101 Plug In 7/28/17


Honolulu bans looking at cellphones while crossing the street                   

How Many People Should Be Held Responsible For Smashed Windows On Inauguration Day?

Automated and funky: Singapore Changi Airport's groundbreaking terminal 

DC, Apple Reach Terms for New Store in Carnegie Library              

Md. Health Officials Warn of Increase in Snakebites

$130 million in gold could be sitting in a sunken Nazi ship off the coast of Iceland.

Showtime will be the place to watch Stephen Colbert’s animated comedy series about life in Trump’s White House.

Sean Spicer could be on the next season of Dancing With The Stars.

Did a fan accidentally pocket a golf ball and cost Rory McIlroy a ton of money?

A new feature on the dating app Badoo lets you match up with people who look like celebrities.

Nationals crushed the Brewers 15-2, start series tonight against the Rockies. The Orioles kick off their series with the Rangers tonight.

California has grown too much weed and now they have a surplus.

It looks like production is happening on Grand Theft Auto VI.

It's the 30th anniversary of the release of "Never Gonna Give You Up"

The Killers are coming to The Anthem on 1/10/18.

Steve Bannon (of Scotland) is getting lit up on Twitter.

Hulu has acquired most of the TGIF lineup.


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