DC101 Plug In 7/25/17


Monster Rat found on U Street

 could be the proud new owner of a sweet FBI surveillance van from the 1980's. 

Are we closer to a Smashing Pumpkins original lineup reunion?

Dan Aykroyd is suing a British couple because of their skull hot sauce bottles. 

A cleanup initiative in Maine offered free weed for bags of trash.

Would you work at a place that wanted to implant a microchip in your body?

Alice Cooper forgot that he bought an Andy Warhol silkscreen and it could be worth $10 million.

Since California won't honor a man's $5 million lottery prize, he's taking them to court.

Chick-Fil-A helped out troops in Iraq by sending them cases of their sauces.

Your roomba is mapping your home to sell to other companies.

MS Paint ISN'T going away.

Superman with a mustache??? Not if Warner Bros. can help it.

The Rolling Stones will be recording a new album "very soon."

The new James Bond movie will be released on 11/8/19.


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