DC101 Plug In 7/12/17

Richmond International Raceway is undergoing a $30 million renovation and dropping "International" from its name.

Mountain Ale: a version of Mountain Dew with booze has arrived.

After getting 50K retweets, the All American Rejects will make good and play at a fan’s sister's wedding.

Setting up your desktop computer on a train is an unacceptable move. Don’t do it.

311 is coming to us live from the iHeartradio Theater in NYC tonight at 10pm, hosted by Klinger!

Gerard Way’s comic, The Umbrella Academy, is being turned into a 10 episode Netflix series.

80 people in Florida formed a human chain to save 9 folks from drowning in Florida.

Deadpool showed the love to Wonder Woman after being passed at the box office.

Is it time for another bridge crossing the Potomac?

 Evolution Craft Brewing Adds Distribution in Japan.

NASA engineer designs massive Super Soaker that can obliterate a watermelon.


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