DC101 Plug In 7/10/17


Celebrate National Mojito Day!

Flight Delays at Reagan, Dulles, BWI Marshall Airports Due to Fumes at FAA Facility

Snag A Free Slurpee from 7-Eleven on 7/11             

New D.C. Company Hits the Target With Axe Throwing

Only days after legalization laws went into effect, Nevada is running out of weed.

Three teenagers were arrested for having sex on a beach while a crowd cheered USA! USA! USA!

Green Day didn’t know that an acrobat died minutes before they performed at the Mad Cool Festival.

The MLB All Star Game Home Run Derby is tonight.

Spider-Man: Homecoming has a debut weekend of over $117 million.

Shia LeBeouf didn’t have a good weekend after being arrested for disorderly conduct in Georgia.

Even though he complained about it after SPECTRE, it looks like Daniel Craig is coming back as James Bond.

Leonardo DiCaprio is proud of his dad bod.

Budweiser will put VA motto "Thus Always To Tyrants" on beer cans. 

The Anthem announces more shows.

Christopher Nolan didn't know Harry Styles was famous when he cast him in Dunkirk.

Accepting Jayden K Smith as your FB friend will not result in you being hacked.

Prince's videos have returned to YouTube.  

Tomorrow is Amazon Prime Day.


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