DC101 Plug In 6/29/17



Justice Department Gives Up Washington Redskins Name Fight

Teen ‘pulled gun on staff for not giving enough chicken nuggets’  Read more: 

Lock Stock And Bardo: Bike Parking Brouhaha At Beer Garden Angers Cyclists

2 Arrested in Maryland After $21,000 in Alcohol Goes Missing

Metro Staffers to Hand Out Thank-You Notes to Riders for Staying Through SafeTrack

If you wear funky socks, you’re probably a successful person.

A pastor says that fidget spinners are a tool of Satan.

MLB umpire John Tumpane saved a woman from committing suicide in Pittsburgh.

The idiot Canadian beer can thrower from the 2016 AL Wild Card game is sentenced to community service and banned from MLB games for a year.

People don’t want to see your vacation photos on Facebook.

No matter how embarrassing that a situation is, don’t skip out on seeing a doctor says a woman who had a major issue with a sex toy.

An Arkansas man drove his car into a monument of the Ten Commandments. He did the same thing in 2014 in Oklahoma.

Broadband will be beamed around the world by 2025.

Ten years ago today, the first iPhone was released. 

Five years ago today, a derecho cause chaos in the DMV.

Amazon Prime Day is July 11th.

Guy cuts the cake at his wedding in Miami Dolphins helmet.

Adele hints that she may be done touring.

First trailer for Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle dropped today.



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