DC101 Plug In 6/22/17


Metro Workers Protest Work Conditions            

Ron Howard Taking Over As Director On Han Solo Movie  

Former Mail Carrier Pleads Guilty to Dumping 15,000 Pieces of Mail in DC Sewer

'Pizzagate' Gunman Sentenced to 4 Years in Prison

A burglar in WV got caught when he was napping in the home he broke into.

After a drunken fight with a pig that ended with his junk and 3 fingers being bitten off, a farmer has died.

Riders were left hanging and facing the ground for 30 minutes when a roller coaster stopped.

A man got 2nd degree burns due to the intense heatwave in England.

While dressed at Batman, a Texas police officer arrested a man for stealing DVDs from Walmart.

A baby deer has been cooling off by swimming in a family’s pool in New Jersey.

And speaking of swimming, over 1,000 people jumped into a freezing river in New Zealand during the Dark Mofo festival.

George Clooney and his two partners will sell their Casamigos tequila brand for $1 billion.


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