DC101 Plug In 6/14/17

A restaurant owner fought off knife wielding thieves with a barstool.

People were wondering why a man walked a woman through a store while she wore a leash and a muzzle.

Pizza flavored ice cream is a big hit in Philly.

Convincing your best friend that a christening is actually is a costume party is awesome.

Fyre Festival merchandise is now popping up on eBay.

An Arizona balloon company will launch a KFC sandwich into the stratosphere.

The Nationals put up 10 more runs against the Braves and won this time while the Orioles continue to let other teams have batting practice.

A couple in San Diego plead guilty to keeping 170 Yorkies in their house with deplorable conditions.

12 year old girl saves her friend because of what she learned in "The Hunger Games"

Mario Kart GP VR is coming soon. See the teaser video now!

FX's American Crime Story will focus on the Gianni Versace murder in season 2.

Alice Cooper will tour with his original band in November.



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