DC101 Plug In 6/13/17


Broken Cooling Systems Leave 2 Metro Stations Hot

You can get a Marty McFly starter kit including a DeLorean, a Hover Board and self lacing shoes for $44,500.

Boeing is working on pilotless flights and the first flight is expected to take off in 2018.

Are we finally getting a good Spiderman video game? 

Strathclyde University in Scotland is having a problem with students using shower drains and trash cans as bathrooms.

A high school censored a student’s Trump shirt in the yearbook. A teacher has been suspended and parents want answers.

A University of Arizona scientist thinks we’ll find extraterrestrial life within 10 years.

That’s a bad day. A woman in Maine was rescued after getting stranded in a river and was arrested shortly after.

A pair of Game 5 NBA Finals courtside seats went for $133,000.

Tesla's Model X is first SUV to get a 5 star safety rating.

Virginia primaries are today. Go vote!


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