DC101 Plug In 6/8/17


Mom Helping Prince William Co. Schools Pay Off Lunch Debts

The Future of I-66: Tolls to Start Soon

Soybean Sprouts Recalled for Possible Listeria Contamination

Ocean City Changes Their Approach to Topless Women Sunbathing

The town of Jackson, Michigan, rejected a man’s $270 fine payment in pennies.

A Japanese animal company is selling samurai armor for cats and dogs.

There’s a campaign underway to moon Donald Trump when he goes to visit England.

A private road covered with clamshells in Rhode Island is stinking to high hell and has maggots crawling all over it.

A feature of iOS 11 is that you can share your wifi with friends without needing the password.

NASA had over 18,000 applications for astronauts and have chosen 12 to add to the program.

Seven girls in Spain reported that a drone was flying over them while sunbathing naked on a boat.

The Lardbutt 1K is happening this Saturday in Seattle to raise funds for the Universal District Food Bank.


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