DC101 Plug In 6/2/17

SWAT Team Raids House While Drug Dealer Shows Off $$ On Facebook Live | Klinger | DC101                  

June Is National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

Fairfax Co. Police Arrest Suspect in Upskirting of Girl, 10, and Woman, 36, at Wal-Mart

Jim Vance and More Familiar Faces Featured on Ben's Chili Bowl Mural

Naked Man Tried to Break Into Bethesda Home: Police                                                       

Streetcar Hits Metrobus in Northeast DC; 10 Hurt

Does tequila have any health benefits?

Hey, on your way home… Walmart is paying employees to drop off packages after work.

Wonder Woman could break the $100m mark this weekend.

Warner Brothers has given the green light to a Voldemort origin movie but there is a catch.

United Airlines may soon have the world’s longest nonstop flight at over 18 hours from LA to Singapore.

The Warriors made the Cavaliers look like chumps in Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

A baby was left alone at an amusement park for an hour while its parents waited in line for a roller coaster.

Stop sitting around all day, otherwise you’ll end up with gluteal amnesia, aka dead butt syndrome.

Bob and Doug McKenzie are reuniting!

The 30th Anniversary re-release of U2's The Joshua Tree is available today.

Walmart is training employees with a Black Friday VR simulator.

How soon should you send a second text to a potential love interest?

Erin Howard was a type-speller at the National Spelling Bee!

D.C. United is in action at RFK tomorrow vs. LA Galaxy.


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