DC101 Plug In 5/24/17


Metro's Silver Line Will Finally Get 7000 Series Railcars

Metro Seeking Real Estate Firm for Possible DC Headquarters Sale                                                                                                           

17-year-old Va. teen invites grandma, 92, to prom

Service dog appears in student section of Stafford HS yearbook

handprint on the Declaration of Independence?

Rolling Thunder Motorcyclists to Rumble Into DC for 30th Year

Game of Thrones Season 7 will move at a very fast pace.

The James Bond family paid tribute to Roger Moore.

Instead of breaking up the party, a Canadian police officer jumped on the drums and jammed with the band.

One of the first computers that Steve Jobs built just sold for over $130,000.

Golfers on a course in South Africa held up their games while two poisonous snakes did battle.

A college student from Alabama is working on mowing 50 lawns in 50 states to raise awareness for his lawn mowing charity.

You can build a cooler that will follow you everywhere using bluetooth and GPS.

Fried chicken may be the key to having successful first dates.

Lisa Spoonhauer, Caitlin Bree from Clerks, has died. 

Tom Cruise confirms that there will be a Top Gun 2.


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