DC101 Plug In 5/23/17


Pregnant Maryland Student Barred From High School Graduation Ceremony

Fake 'Movie Money' Used by Maryland Scammer

Someone figured out that you can use a fidget spinner to like profiles on Tinder.

The new DC restaurant Diet Starts Monday removed the “Pill Cosby” drink from their menu. Who thought that was a good idea anyway?

Which is worse: driving 14 miles without noticing a drunk guy on your car’s trunk or being the drunk guy on the trunk?

A 5 y/o boy ripped up over $5000 of his father’s money.

A pizza guy went above and beyond when he delivered a pie to the bedroom of a customer with a “sinister hangover”.

Somebody made a donation of 100 grams of weed to a children’s used clothing store in Minneapolis.

The Scratch & Sniff Book of Weed gives us a scent filled cannabis history lesson.

The Orioles blew a 5 run lead and fell 14-7 to the Twins.

Sir Roger Moore has died at 89.

Wegman's is coming to DC!

Pac-Man turned 37 yesterday.

Rockville bans outdoor smoking at bars and restaurants. 

Twin Peaks has TWO soundtracks coming this fall.


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