DC101 Plug In 5/17/17


Blind cat in Md. struggling to find a home

For 1 Day, Dulles Greenway Tolls Going to Charity

Thousands of Cicadas Unexpectedly Hatching in DC Area

Nationals beat the Pirates and the Orioles win in 13 over the Tigers.

An aspiring surgeon who attacked and stabbed her boyfriend, may avoid jail because it could jeopardize her future.

We may soon be able to actually communicate with dolphins.

Luke Perry wants to get the 90210 cast back together.

Get your beauty rest! If you don’t get proper sleep, it will make you ugly.

Alan Thicke’s kids and his widow are fighting over his estate.

A man is suing a woman for texting through Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2.

A new Bachelor spinoff show, The Bachelor Winter Games, will have people competing in contests and love.

Redskins sign Bob Marley's grandson.

Man sues date for texting during movie.

Pippa Middleton is getting married.  

ABC is bringing back Roseanne in 2018.

Uber now gives transit details in their app.


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