DC101 Plug In 5/16/17


Person Who Attempted to Scale White House Fence in Custody

Ducklings Waddle Up New Ramp at Capitol Reflecting Pool

Porn Aired on Video Ad Screen at Union Station

 next Apple Watch could help in monitoring diabetes.

Hackers have threatened to release Pirates of the Caribbean 5 before it’s in theaters.

Is Nintendo working on a Zelda smartphone game?

A Kentucky woman is on the run after stealing $15K worth of Girl Scout Cookies.

Cocaine users in the UK are having their nostrils cut up by the new £5 note.

The Wizards season is over as they lost Game 7 to the Celtics.

You can improve your sex life by going on vacation more.

Fox is not happy that American Idol is coming back so quickly.

Arlington tops the list of best cities in America for millennials. Alexandria comes in fourth.

Instagram adds face filters...the last thing Snapchat could do that Instagram Stories could not.  

MST3K is hitting the road. You can watch two films with the team on 6/9 at the Lincoln Theater. 

Zac Efron to star as Ted Bundy in new film about the serial killer.

Twitch is streaming all 886 episodes of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood as part of a PBS fundraiser.  


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