5 Best In-Flight Meals

Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines breakfast won a 9.4 rating from Inflight Feed

First time on Austrian today from Vienna to Zurich. Check out my breakfast in economy class! 😍 A delicious Do & Co pre order breakfast for €15.00. Eggs, bacon, potatoes, mushrooms and tomato served with bircher muesli, fresh fruit, piping hot bread and freshly squeezed orange juice. AMAZING! #inflightfeed #austrianairlines #do&co #planefood #airplanefood #economyclass

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Air Europa

The full meal spread from Air Europa won them a 9.2 rating from Inflight Feed

Madrid to Frankfurt with Air Europa in business class today. Wow! The presentation, how fresh and creative does it look!? Smoked salmon puree and olives. Salad with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and black olives with a pesto and basil vinaigrette. Pepper, aubergine, cod salad. Yoghurt mousse with crunchy crumble, kiwi fruit and nuts. Fantastic for a 2 hour flight! Well done Air Europa! 😀 #inflightfeed #planefood #aireuropa #airplanefood

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German Airline Condor

The traditional German meal earned German Airline Condor an 8.9 rating from Inflight Feed

Pre order upgrade meal with Condor today from Frankfurt to Las Palmas! How amazing is it? 👍 Potato salad, Assorted cheese and a delicious chicken curry! For dessert mango cake and chocolate brownie. Yum! #inflightfeed #planefood #airplanefood #sunnyheart

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Vistara Premium Economy

The top-notch service and economy food won Vistara Premium Economy an 8.4 rating on Inflight Feed

Mumbai to Delhi with Vistara! What a fantastic airline. Two choices of meals in premium economy class. Selected the Southern Indian vegetarian choice of spinach pancakes with tomato upma and sambas. #inflightfeed #planefood #airplanefood

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Azores Airlines

Presentation on this quick flight earned Azores Airlines a 7.6 rating from Inflight Feed.

Made it! SATA Airlines business class meal from Lisbon to Ponta Delgada. Chicken with beans and courgette. #inflightfeed #planefood #airplanefood #sataairlines #azoresairlines

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