DC101 Plug In 5/10/17

Murder Suspect Wants To Use Penis As Evidence Saying GF Died From Oral Sex

Gamestop Accidentally Sold Used Copy Of ‘GTA V’ w/Baggie Of Meth To 11-Year Old

Chris Froome Shares Photo of Totalled Bike After Driver 'Rammed' Cyclist

Bible verse about silencing women on Va. pickup sparks outrage | 

Thieves Try to Pull ATM Away With Truck in SE DC

#Winsday! 3 DC Teams Vie for Wins Wednesday

Customs Agents Find Heroin Inside 'Success!' Greeting Card

The new Assassin’s Creed game will be called Origins and this one is a prequel.

Why go to prom in a limo when you can lay in a coffin in the back of a hearse!

Public shaming works. A group that ran out on a bill at a Milwaukee bar came back to pay up the next day after being blasted on Facebook.

A man in Michigan rolled his car over because a spider scared him.

Nobody is getting busy on Mondays, according to condom sale data.

Not to brag but Kevin Spacey said the new season of ‘House of Cards’ is one of their best yet.

A teenager in Oklahoma City jumped into a zebra pen in the zoo.

Women are asking plastic surgeons to make them look like Ivanka Trump.


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