DC101 Plug In 5/8/17

                                                                                                                                                                              Cop fired after acting out scene from 'Training Day'

School cancels Mother's Day in effort to celebrate diversity

Potomac pollution warning beacon broken, out of service during weekend overflow

Giant recalls Aunt Jemima, Hungry-Man products for Listeria concerns

2 Suspects in Custody After Fleeing Traffic Stop in Arlington Co.

Report: Chesapeake Bay Health Improves, But Long Way to Go 

Game 6 for the Capitals and the idiot Penguins is tonight at 7:30.

Did Stone Temple Pilots finally find their new lead singer?

An older man with hearing problems was fined by police in Germany for watching porn with the volume all the way up.

An prisoner in England is asking for sex dolls to help relieve stress among the inmates.

Would you wear a t-shirt to a bachelor party that your lady made to tell other women that you are taken?

Holy clown car! Police in China stopped a six passenger van that was carrying 40 construction workers!

Could Led Zeppelin come back for the 2017 edition of Desert Trip?

Two students at the University of Kentucky were caught stealing a final exam after one crawled through the air ducts.

Bill Clinton and James Patterson to co-author a political thriller.

Nicki Minaj pledges thousands to pay for Twitter followers' college tuition.

D.C. United get final approval to being building new stadium.  

Chris Bosh is sued by porn company who rented his mansion.

Gorillaz announce deluxe edition of Humanz due 8/25.


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