DC101 Plug In 4/26/17


500 Metro Workers' Sick Day Requests Denied in Advance of Planned 'Sick Out'

Temporary Closures on Beltway, I-66 for Tolling Construction

Pilot: The mystery of United's dead giant rabbit

Virginia Mom Says She Was Escorted Out of Church for Breastfeeding

Members of Congress, Supreme Court to Lose VIP Parking Spots at DCA for Next 4 Years

Indiana Jones 5 won’t be in theaters until 2020, when Harrison Ford is almost 78 years old.

A big Warner Brothers theme park featuring Gotham City and Metropolis is coming to Abu Dhabi.

Because people online have way too much free time, someone on Pornhub is critiquing the bed sheets in videos.

It’s an earlier 6pm tipoff for the Wizards tonight against the Hawks in Game 5 of their playoff series.

A man was arrested for entering a burning building in South Dakota so he could save his beer.

Yes, hangovers do get worse as you get older and there are good reasons for it.

If you’re a Star Wars fan with deep pockets, you could soon own a Darth Vader helmet made of gold.

Congratulations to 101 year old Man Kaur in her 100 meter race win at the World Masters Games in Australia. Of course, she was the only one in the race.

Arlington Cinema And Drafthouse getting upgrades, price increase.

Massive layoffs at ESPN.

We weren't supposed to know that Serena Williams is pregnant.

Jeff Goldblum will reprise his role in "Jurassic World" sequel. 


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