DC101 Plug In 4/24/17


Welcome Home, Sunny: Virginia Police Help Reunite Magician and Lost Cockatoo             

Four Arrested at Pot ‘Smoke-in’ on U.S. Capitol Grounds             

Drug Take Back Day Helps Keeps Drugs Out of Reach

The Smiths included the message of “Trump Will Kill America” on their U.K. Record Store Day release.

Capitals beat the Stupid Leafs in Toronto and now will face the idiot Penguins in Round 2 of the NHL Playoffs.

If you’re in the market for a new oceanfront house, Green Day’s bassist Mike Dirnt has 2 for sale in California.

Play like Pearl Jam as sheet music of all of their songs is coming next month with Pearl Jam Anthology - The Complete Scores.

The second weekend of Coachella had more stolen cellphones but this time the police caught the robbers.

A vending machine at UC Davis is now selling birth control, pregnancy tests and Plan B to students.

Something called “Purple” is coming on April 27th from Fall Out Boy.

If you’re going to be in Los Angeles, you need to stop by The Museum of Ice Cream.

Toddler wipes out looking at pics of naked women on a truck.

Tay Zonday celebrates ten years of "Chocolate Rain" with new, acoustic version.

Tix to Caps/Pens go on sale today!

Deadpool 2 has a release date.

There will be four Avatar sequels in the next 8 years.  

Juliana Hatfield will be at Jammin Java tomorrow.


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