DC101 Plug In 4/13/17


Easter Egg Hunt For The Visually Impaired

Washington Nationals to Host First Easter Egg Hunt                                                                                           

Md. man expected to run 50th consecutive Boston Marathon

WATCH LIVE: Passengers Being Rescued from Stuck Six Flags Roller Coaster

Let out your frustrations with the new Anger Room!

The Nationals missed sweeping the Cardinals while the Orioles got revenge on the Red Sox.

After delivering over 5 million newspapers in 57 years of work, Mel Rulison is retiring from his job with The Leader-Herald.

MTV is bringing back Fear Factor and Ludacris will be the new host.

An 80 year old DJ is the hottest thing in Tokyo’s nightclubs right now.

Awesome! Google searches for World War 3 are currently at an all time high!

An 8 year old boy in Cleveland took his dad's van to McDonald's to get some cheeseburgers.

One of the revelations from the new Prince Charles biography is that he travels with a white leather toilet seat.

Furless Tickle Me Elmo will haunt your dreams.

'Charging Bull' creator says NYC, 'Fearless Girl' statue violated his rights

Tig Notaro comments on the SNL sketch that may have ripped her off.

Funny Or Die celebrates its 10th anniversary. See what "drunk landlord" Pearl looks like now.

The most popular show among teens is Netflix "13 Reasons Why"

TOOL playing a huge one day concert in California in June.

The Wizards will take on the Atlanta Hawks in round one of the playoffs.

Nintendo is discontinuing the NES Mini.


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