DC101 Plug In 3/22/17


Gun Store Burglary Suspects in Custody, Guns Still Missing           

Don't Walk on Metro Escalators, General Manager Says

Jack White is holed up in an apartment in Nashville making his new album.

Another Capitals win as they douse the Flames 4-2 at the Verizon Center.

He won’t be back! Arnold is apparently done and there won’t be any more Terminator films.

The vinyl Christmas is coming! See the full rundown of all of the Record Store Day 2017 releases.

Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” is being turned into a holiday movie.

An ex NASA engineer built a dartboard which guarantees a bullseye every time.

The Rock claims he hit a golf ball 490 yards.

The Cubs’ World Series win is going to be turned into a movie.

The full lineup for Lollapalooza 2017 was announced.

Happy National Goof Off Day!

Chuck Barris has died at age 87.

The end of Rogue One spliced with the beginning of A New Hope.

Is this the worst miss in Wheel Of Fortune history?

A new movie theater chain has jungle gyms in the theaters.

Wal-Mart is selling Inflata-Bulls.

The DC date for the Vans' Warped Tour has been announced.


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