DC101 Plug In 3/21/17

Put this on the list of cool stuff to get: a World Music Map that replaces locations with song titles.

Another man with cocaine strapped around his legs was busted at JFK Airport.

A man was fined $20K for flying a lawn chair with balloons over Calgary.

Romance is alive in Australia! Lee De Paauw jumped into a river and fought a crocodile to impress a girl.

The Big Bang Theory has officially been picked up for 2 more seasons on CBS.

XHamster has found their man. Be ready to see Donald Trump lookalike Johnny Brutal in adult features soon.

Kudos to Joe Adams. He made a “dating resume” that’s gone viral and girls are saying they’d love to go out with him.

Tom Cruise has been training for a year for a stunt in Mission: Impossible 6.

BREAKING: Woody Harrelson has quit smoking weed.

Japan's oldest female porn star has retired at age 80.

Carpool in Arlington has an official closing date.

Skim milk can officially be called "skim milks"

Here's how to make a "Flaming Moe" and other cocktails from The Simpsons.

MD lawmakers will vote on a bill that could hurt local breweries.

Jeff Bezos just built the robots from Pacific Rim.



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